Fluoxetine Capsule

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Fluoxetine Capsule is an antidepressant medication prescribed by veterinarians to treat separation anxiety. It should be used simultaneously with a behavior modification plan.

* Sold per capsule.

Who is Fluoxetine Capsule for?

For use in cats and dogs.

Why use Fluoxetine Capsule?

Fluoxetine is a very effective treatment for obsessive-compulsive behavior.

How does Fluoxetine Capsule work?

Fluoxetine attacks chemicals within the brain that may cause obsessive-compulsive behavior, anxiety, panic, or depression.


Aurobindo Pharma, Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. or other generic brand

Active ingredient(s):


How is Fluoxetine Capsule sold?

Sold by the capsule in 10 mg, 20 mg or 40 mg strengths.

What are the side effects of Fluoxetine Capsule?

It should be fully understood that any time an anti-anxiety drug is being administered, a phenomenon called "disinhibition" is a possibility. This means that the animal's inhibitions regarding aggressive behavior could be reduced when anxiety about the consequences of these behaviors is removed. An animal who previously showed no signs of aggression may become aggressive on such medications.

The most frequently reported adverse reaction of fluoxetine is lethargy or drowsiness. Other potential reactions include reduced appetite and stomach upset.

What special precautions are there?

Fluoxetine should not be administered to pets:

  • With a history of seizures. or in pets that are on medications that lower the seizure threshold
  • Who are allergic to fluoxetine
  • Taking MAOIs
  • Under the age of 6 months

Administer with caution to pets:

  • Who are lactating or pregnant
  • With severe liver disease
  • With diabetes mellitus

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest animal hospital

How can I store Fluoxetine Capsule?

Store in a dry and cool environment.

Helpful Tips:

If you skip a dose, administer it when you remember. However, if it is close to the time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and give it at the next scheduled time, and return to the regular dosing schedule. Never give your pet two doses at once or administer extra doses.

Pharmacists are standing by to offer Pet Parent counseling regarding prescription medication purchased from Allivet before and after dispensing. Pharmacists on duty are available Monday-Friday, 9:30AM - 5:30PM EST and will be on call Saturday 12:00PM - 4:00PM EST for consultation.

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