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Fluconazole is anti fungal that effectively treats many types of fungal infection, such as yeast infections. It is often used in the treatment of skin infections and in more serious fungal infections of internal organs, such as the lungs. It is frequently prescribed to pets who have shown intolerance to other anti-fungal medications. It is also an effective treatment for ringworm. *Sold per tablet.

What is Fluconazole Tablet?

It is an antifungal medicine used to treat a variety fungal infections, including yeast infections. It is also typically used to treat skin infections, and more intense fungal infections of the lungs and those that have spread to other internal organs. It is also effective against ringworms.

Who is Fluconazole Tablet for?

For use in cats and dogs.

Why use Fluconazole Tablet?

Features of Fluconazole:

  • It is an effective treatment for ringworm.
  • It has a lower risk of side effects than many other types of antifungal.
  • It treats severe central nervous system (CNS) fungal infections more thoroughly than most antifungals.
  • It treats many types of external and internal fungal infections.

How does Fluconazole Tablet work?

Fluconazole's active ingredient works to kill infection-causing fungus. It interferes with the fungus' cell membranes, inhibiting fungal growth and reproduction, eventually eradicating the infection.


Harris Pharmaceuticals, Aurobindo Pharma, Cadila Healthcare, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals or other generic brand

Active ingredient(s):


How is Fluconazole Tablet sold?

Sold by the tablet in strengths of 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg

What are the side effects of Fluconazole Tablet?

Anipryl is a selective monoamine oxidase -B inhibitor, which may enhance catecholamine neuronactivity and increase dopamine levels in dogs.

What special precautions are there?

  • Discuss any concerns regarding this medication with your veterinarian prior to administering it to your pet.
  • Pets with sensitivity or allergy to any other "azole" antifungals, like ketoconazole, should not be given fluconazole.
  • Nursing or pregnant animals should not receive fluconazole unless your veterinarian has determined that the risk is worth the benefit.
  • Discuss the benefits and risks of fluconazole with your vet if your pet has been diagnosed with kidney failure or kidney disease.
  • Pets with liver impairment or disease should not be given fluconazole.
  • Have a thorough discussion with your veterinarian regarding other supplements, vitamins, and medications your pet is taking prior to starting fluconazole. Fluconazole is known to interact with other medications.
  • Keep away from children and pets

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest emergency pet hospital.

How can I store Fluconazole Tablet?

Store at room temperature in child-proof containers.

Helpful Tips:

It could take a week or two before you begin to visibly see improvement in your pet. Your pet could require several months of treatment. Do not discontinue use before the prescribed treatment regimen is complete, unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian. You might notice visible improvement in your pet's fungal infection prior to the end of treatment, but completion of the full treatment is required to avoid resistance to fluconazole and other antifungals in the future, and to prevent against a relapse.

Pharmacists are standing by to offer Pet Parent counseling regarding prescription medication purchased from Allivet before and after dispensing. Pharmacists on duty are available Monday-Friday, 9:30AM - 5:30PM EST and will be on call Saturday 12:00PM - 4:00PM EST for consultation.

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