Duralactin Feline

Dosage Quantity: 60-ct - Capsules Bottle
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Duralactin Feline helps manage chronic inflammatory conditions. This immuno-nutritional aid contains a patented ingredient called MicroLactin, which is a milk protein sourced from hyperimmunized cows. It features properties that inhibit the participation of neutrophils in inflammatory responses.

Who is Duralactin Feline for?
For use in cats.

Why use Duralactin Feline?
Duralactin Feline works to manage chronic inflammation. Duralactin products are also designed to support overall wellness and normal activity.

How does Duralactin Feline work?
Duralactin Feline Capsules contain an exclusive ingredient called MicroLactin. This dried milk protein is sourced from hyperimmunized cows, and it features factors that are known to block cytokines and inhibit the production of neutrophils that participate in inflammatory response.

PRN Pharmacal, Inc.

Active ingredient(s):
MicroLactin® (dried milk protein) 200 mg

How is Duralactin Feline sold?
60 count 200 mg capsules

What are the side effects of Duralactin Feline?
No known side effects

What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach of animals and children.

What to do if overdose?
Contact your closest emergency animal hospital.

How can I store Duralactin Feline?
Store in a dry and cool environment.

Helpful Tips:
For the best possible results, this product should be administered under the supervision and care of your veterinarian.

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