Droncit Feline

Dosage: 23 mg
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Droncit Feline is an easy-to-use treatment for tapeworms in cats. These single-dose tablets remove the pests from your cat's system easily and quickly. Tablets are sold individually.

Who is Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet for?

For use in cats.

Why use Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet?

Droncit Feline works to eliminate tapeworms and comes in an easy-to-administer, convenient, single-dose tablet.

How does Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet work?

Praziquantel is a drug called a cestocide. This ingredient works to damage the skin of the parasite from within, causing the parasite to disintegrate. The parasite is then eradicated by the pet's own digestive processes.


Bayer Animal Health

Active ingredient(s):

Praziquantel 23 mg

How is Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet sold?

Sold individually in 23 mg strength.

What are the side effects of Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet?

While adverse reactions are rare, this medication can cause diarrhea or increased salivation in cats and increased diarrhea, drowsiness, appetite loss, or vomiting in dogs. Other reactions could also occur. If you notice any bothersome or unusual symptoms in your pet, notify your veterinarian.

What special precautions are there?

  • Humans are capable of contracting tapeworm from their pets, so it is essential to employ a good hygiene routine. It is also pertinent to eliminate fleas within the household and on your pet and to never allow your pet to eat uncooked fish or meat or any type of rodent.
  • Prevent reinfection by cleaning up feces daily.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

What to do if overdose?

Contact your closest emergency pet hospital.

How can I store Droncit Feline 23 mg, Tablet?

Store in a dry and cool environment.

Helpful Tips:

Droncit is given as a single dose. The tablets can be crumbled and added to food.

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